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Real Estate Articles - Decorating the Master Bedroom

Your Master Bedroom - Your Haven

The master bedroom or main bedroom is a place where your day usually begins and ends. In fact, it is the room that is supposed to relax you and soothe your nerves after a hard day’s work. You can decorate it the way you want. You can also hire the services of an interior designer to design your master bedroom. When selling your home, look for a specialist in home staging to give your house the look it deserves.

Design With Comfort In Mind

If you are the kind of person who likes to read in the bedroom, you need to design it accordingly. There should be a place for keeping books. You must have padded headboards for ensuring correct posture. The lighting must also be designed carefully. The lights should not be too harsh or too muted. You can use colors like ivory, amber, green, slate blue and other soft and soothing colors that reflect light without making it too glaring. You can place soft luxurious pillows around a chaise lounge for total comfort. A stylish floor lamp completes the look.

If you want your bedroom to be a haven where you can unwind after a hard day’s work, you need to design the room in a different way. To do this, try using a minimalist look. Colors you can use are mocha, deep chocolate, forest green, navy blue and similar shades. Dark colors help you sleep peacefully. You can place a desk with a chair for writing. For those times where you don’t want to have to leave the room for anything, like a lazy Sunday morning, you can also squeeze in a small refrigerator and add a flat screen television. I have even seen luxury homes with small waterfalls in the master bedroom, which creates a relaxing atmosphere.

If you want your bedroom to portray passion, you should use colors like bright red, creamy peach, gold and other daring colors. Use silky and velvety textures for curtains and bed covers. Using aromatic candles, tropical plants and adequately placed mirrors can also heighten the sense of passion.

Use Your Imagination

You should use your imagination when designing your bedroom. It is your personal space and you can go all out in decorating it. For optimal comfort, you should not place your bed against the outer wall. Outer walls are close to elements of nature like cold, wet and heat. Try and place it against an inner wall. If you must use the outer wall, ensure that you place something between the wall and the bed, for example drapes, a tapestry or a bookshelf. You don’t have to buy a complete bedroom furniture set; you can mix and match pieces to create the look you want. By using mirrors creatively, you can create an illusion of space in your master bedroom.

When you are planning out the design of your master bedroom, you should take into account your lifestyle and personality. We’ve all seen decorating magazines with fantastic-looking bedrooms, but there’s no sense in copying a look if it doesn’t match your personality.

                                                                             Debra Miller

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